Using the Web of Support Framework

Using the Web of Support Framework  is a tool designed for use by youth-serving professionals and by youth, themselves,  to define and visualize current and potential supports in a young person’s life in an interconnected web; to identify areas where greater support or more coordinated support or intervention efforts would be more effective; to brainstorm improving individual relationships and building connections across relationships for young people; to organize programs, policies, and research from a perspective that centers relationships and networks for young people.

Read our latest blog from Shannon M Varga and Jonathan F. Zaff on Using the Web of Support Framework. Every day young people attend schools, participate in after school programs, show up for jobs, and navigate their neighborhoods filled with adults and peers who have the potential to help them as they pursue their education, work, life, and health goals. Yet, too often, the potential power of these relationships remains unfulfilled, leaving young people without the full impact social supports and capital resources can provide.